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Emerging cruising destinations threatened by IMO impositions?

By CruiseDirector

Carnival UK cruise company boss David Dingle thinks that the latest bout of legislation of cruise emissions make reverse the positive recovery of the Cruise industry. The International Martime Organisation (IMO)’s new laws include the prohibition of fuels that emit more than 0.5% sulphur when burnt, and Dingle is fuming. ‘Ill-thought out’ and ‘badly researched’ were just two things Dingle accused the new law of being.

The Baltic and North Seas are currently the only ones effected, but these are areas sailed by many of the cruise lines, including Oceania cruises. The legislation there (and extending to the English channel) has a lot to with European treaties and by 2012, the Mediterranean will follow suit. North America is also likely to impose the limit at around the same time. The local environmental concerns are being aggrevated by the cruise industry’s (understandable) interest in Alaska, and many lines are heading there. This extends even to smaller lines like Seabourn cruises.

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