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Most international visitors come on cruise ships

Seven out of 10 international visitors travel to Alaska by cruise ship, stay longer and spend more, according to a new report issued by the McDowell Group.

An estimated 154,000 international visitors came to Alaska during the summer of 2011, or about 10 percent of the overall out-of-state visitor market, which is a slight increase from 2006. The figures do not include Canadians.

Europe accounts for the bulk of international visitors at 64,000, followed by Australia/New Zealand at 42,000 and Asia at 18,000. More than three-fourths of international visitors purchase a multi-day package, including most cruise passengers.

On average, international visitors spend $1,013 per person, excluding spending on cruise packages and travel to and from the state. The Japanese spend the most at $3,440, followed by Europeans at $2,218.

International visitors give their Alaska visit high marks with 98 percent expressing satisfaction with their overall Alaska experience.

Click here for the entire report.

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