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Alaska Cruise Ship Visitor Day

Zaandam Captain Pieter Jan Van Maurik

Zaandam Captain Pieter Jan Van Maurik escorts Wendy and John Yoisten up the ramp to be greeted as the 1,000,000th cruise ship visitor of 2016.

In honor of the one millionth cruise ship visitor, Gov. Bill Walker declared September 22 Alaska Cruise Ship Visitor Day. Here is the proclamation:

WHEREAS, Alaska’s cruise industry is a bright star in our economy by exposing cruise visitors to the natural beauty, hospitality, and culture of Alaska, while simultaneously introducing visitors to Alaska wild seafood, the culture of First Alaskans, and the abundance of our natural resources; and

WHEREAS, Alaska’s visitor industry is a significant economic engine for the entire state, as visitors travel throughout Alaska, providing benefits to local businesses which translate into jobs for Alaskans. Visitor industry-related employment represents 9 percent of statewide employment, with total employment of an estimated 39,700 full-time and part time jobs across all regions of Alaska; and

WHEREAS, while the visitor industry plays the most significant role in the economy of Southeast Alaska where it accounts for 21 percent of employment, the visitor industry also provides a measurable percentage of employment in the Southcentral, Southwest and Far North regions of the state; and

WHEREAS, visitor industry employment, labor income and total spending has increased and now represents a total visitor economic impact of $4.17 billion, including $1.39 billion in income for those working in the visitor industry; and

WHEREAS, Alaska’s visitor industry also benefits our state through visitor-related tax revenues to local governments ($82.9 million) and to the State ($104.8 million), according to economic impact data compiled by the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development for 2014-2015; and

WHEREAS, cruise lines will bring approximately one half of all visitors to Alaska, with over 1 million cruise ship visitors arriving this year. The benefits of cruise travel extend years beyond the initial cruise; of independent travelers to Alaska, 28 percent are returning after first coming to Alaska on a cruise ship; and

WHEREAS, Alaska is proud to host cruise visitors from around the world and is grateful for the contributions of the cruise industry to our state, as we celebrate the arrival of the millionth cruise passenger of 2016 to Alaska on September 22.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Bill Walker, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ALASKA, do hereby proclaim September 22, 2016 as:
Alaska Cruise Ship Visitor Day

in Alaska, and encourage all Alaskans to recognize the positive impacts of visitor spending of over 1 million cruise ship passengers ,strengthening our economy and creating opportunities for Alaskans.


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