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Juneau moves forward with Archipelago Project


Under the Archipelago Project proposal, Juneau would spend $900,000 to purchase a parcel to use as a motor coach staging area.

The Juneau Assembly voted 7-2 to approve a $900,000 purchase and sale agreement for the Archipelago Lot, paid for by passenger fees.

The city plans to use the property for motor coach staging.

CLIA Alaska President John Binkley said the Archipelago Project may well fall outside the judge’s ruling but CLIA may reserve its options on future passenger fee expenditures.

“As our litigation was specifically prospective, forward looking, and as CBJ is proposing this project with already collected fees and as this project does indeed have substantial benefit to seasonal tourism business. We are considering an agreement not to object to this particular project as part of a broader settlement of any continuing dispute between CLIA and the CBJ,” Binkley said.

In a letter to Juneau City Manager Rorie Watt, Binkley stated, “Juneau is the largest and one of the most beautiful ports in Alaska. … Our goal is that both the guests, and the local community, benefit from a cooperative and successful working relationship going forward.”

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