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The 2013 Alaska cruise season has enabled us to increase our community outreach and communications efforts.  The industry is certainly more visible in the summer and the availability of ships for environmental tours provides the perfect time to improve public awareness of the industry’s contribution to the economy, as well as the incredible investment and effort the industry makes to protect the environment.
Elections are just a year away and fundraising and other efforts are in full swing.  We have been active in supporting the Governor and industry supporters in both the State House and Senate.  To continue our success in making Alaska’s policies more favorable, we need to not only let our friends know we appreciate their […]
Summer time in Alaska also provides an opportunity to support, and participate in, various community events and conferences.  Our efforts help us maintain a positive image for the industry and enable us to reach both in-state and out-of-state policy and opinion leaders.  Recently, John Binkley presented to the Pacific North West Economic Region (PNWER).  PNWER […]
In cooperation with Princess Cruises and Holland America Line, we have already provided a number of ship tours and will continue this effort through the season.  Our main focus has been to reach out to policy makers and opinion leaders within our communities and allow them to see first-hand the impressive technology and other environmental […]
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JULY 2013 No update.   MAY 2013 NOAA/NMFS has initiated an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) for Alaska harbor seals.  NMFS has cited a 2001 study in Disenchantment Bay as evidence of seal disturbances by cruise ships and intends to use an ANPR to initiate a public comment process which may lead to new […]
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