Archived Reports


Both the State House and Senate have organized their leadership and key committee positions.  The Senate make up is 13 Republicans and 7 Democrats; however, two Democrats have joined the Republicans to create a 15/5 Majority/Minority.  The House make up following the election is 25 Republicans and 15 Democrats.  Three Democrats have joined the Republicans to form a 28/12 Majority/Minority.

Leadership and key committee chairmanships have been filled with individuals whom are very supportive of our industry.  Overall, we are very encouraged by the direction of our State Legislature.

Now that we have a better idea of the legislative organization, we have continued to work on our strategy for seeking wastewater discharge statutory changes.  We have had meetings with the Governor’s office about a path forward and are building our strategy in greater detail as we obtain additional input from the Governor.  We are also working with the new committee chairs of the House and Senate Resource Committees to further educate them and seek support for early hearings and committee action on the statutory changes.

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