2010 Redeployment Schedules Reflect Passenger Loss

As of April 27, 2009

*Remains deployed in Alaska but new 14-day itinerary brings fewer net passengers to state.
**According to the 2008 AVSP Study 46% or 65,000 people will not visit Alaska in the future based upon: 19% or 27,000 Alaska cruise passengers are repeat visitors; 27% or 38,000 Alaska cruise passengers

Name: Shane Burnett

Title: President, Arctic Fire and Safety

His Business: This is our 32nd year as a business serving Fairbanks and the State of Alaska. We are a family-owned fire equipment safety supply and training company.

Shane’s first start with the cruise industry: I started with Arctic Fire 17 years ago, which was my first job related to the visitor industry. We worked consistently with Holland America and Princess Cruise lines. We also worked with local outfitters. We assisted with their safety equipment and supply needs and integrated those products with training for their employees and satisfying state and federal codes. We also worked with the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

The best part of Shane’s job: The best part of my job is observing the guest and locals. I truly enjoy seeing the customers on their own sites enjoying their beautiful properties and the beautiful environment that surrounds them. It is what draws people to Alaska and is why I am here.

Shane’s favorite cruise line story: I was set up on a blind date by an acquaintance of mine who wanted to introduce me to a co-worker. They both worked at Princess. Our first date was at McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge and it ended up being the best date of my life. Jill and I got married in 2003.

What should Alaska do to better support/protect the visitor/cruise industry: To encourage the use of the vast natural resources we use as Alaskans. We should all explore our culture and encourage the tourism industry to promote what it is we Alaskans hold sacred. Most Alaskans don’t realize the cruise lines positively affect local family businesses by the vital role they play in the tourism industry. Once that is done, we can all create a business climate which encourages that promotion.

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