The cruise industry includes approximately 2,175 Alaska businesses that provide tours, activities and services to the cruise lines and their passengers. These businesses include:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Car-rental companies
  • Air transportation companies
  • Hotels/lodges
  • Day cruises/sled dog rides/sightseeing tours

In addition to direct sales, cruise-related businesses purchase goods and services and invest in capital projects each year. This affects Alaska businesses like construction, real estate, banking, freight, transportation, maintenance, bookkeeping and a long list of support services.

Salmonberry tours
Alaska owned and operated Salmonberry Tours offers a wide variety of day tours year-round. Owners are Candice McDonald Kotyk and Mandy Garcia.
Lavelle’s Bistro
Kathy Lavelle and Frank Eagle founded Lavelle’s Bistro and opened a Fairbanks dining sensation almost two decades ago. The warm and comforting place is open year-round.
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