Alaska ranks fifth in cruise industry direct expenditures, with $1.24 billion, or 5.2% of the direct expenditures generated by the cruise industry in the United States. Tourism-related businesses, such as tour operators, airlines, hotels, etc., received approximately $788 million, about 63% of the industry’s direct expenditures in Alaska. Another $59 million was spent with businesses in four additional business segments, food processors and petroleum refiners and distributors within the manufacturing sector; and employment agencies and wholesale trade in the nonmanufacturing sector, according to CLIA and Business Research and Economic Advisors.

These direct expenditures generate total economic impacts of 22,447 jobs and $1.16 billion in income throughout the Alaska economy during 2018. These impacts accounted for 5.3% of national employment impact and 5% of the national wage impact. 

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Tens of thousands of Alaskans are employed by cruise lines and cruise-related businesses each year.

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Anchorage leisure and hospitality employment



2019* Projected
Source: Anchorage Economic Development Corporation.

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