Archived Reports


2013 ADEC Wastewater Discharge Permit

We believe that ADEC is getting close to releasing their draft 2013 wastewater discharge general permit.  Additional delays are possible but ADEC staff are indicating the draft permit could be public the week of December 10th or 17th.  Once the permit is released, we will have an opportunity to review the details and submit comments under the public comment period.

Science Panel Report

The preliminary science panel report along with AEDC staff comments are now with Commissioner Larry Hartig.  The Commissioner has until January 1, 2013 to issue a report based upon the science panel’s findings to the Legislature.  Given our interest in pursuing legislative changes to the wastewater statutes, it is a positive the Commissioner is personally engaged in preparing the report.  With his personal involvement, we believe the report will better set the stage for legislative changes.

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