The cost differential between cruising the Northeast coast of the Atlantic versus Alaska was the subject of an exchange on the Jan. 13 edition of the Today Show.

Travel + Leisure features editor Nilous Motamed was a guest of Today host Meredith Vieira, whose parents are avid cruisers. Motamed talked about cruise deals, including the following response to Meredith’s query: “A lot of people think of the Caribbean cruises as those are the hot places to go. But you say there are some good places to go in Europe and Canada with climates such as ours right now.”

Motamed said Atlantic Canada is the current hot spot.

“Something to keep in mind is shoulder season, which is a great value with cruising and in May it is a perfect time to go to Canada and see the wilderness. Holland America has a 10-day cruise where you can go up the sea coast and stop in Nova Scotia and other former trading posts and you get wildlife up close and personal.”

To which Meredith responds: “It is like an Alaskan cruise without having to go all the way to Alaska, right”

Motamed’s response: “Exactly.”

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