Juneau’s Tourism Best Management Practices (TBMP) program is a cooperative effort among residents, Juneau tour operators, cruise lines, transportation providers and the City and Borough of Juneau. The program, celebrating its 12th year, establishes neighborhood-specific guidelines to address key community concerns in a constructive and proactive manner. The TBMP Guidelines encourage local tourism businesses and their employees to conduct their operations in a responsible and neighborhood-sensitive manner.

Since 1997, in response to input received at public meetings and via the Tourism Hotline, the guidelines have been expanded and improved. The 2008 TBMP Guidelines are available online at www.juneau.org/tourism.

Last season, 70 companies and more than 1,500 Juneau visitor industry employees participated in this effort to reduce congestion, noise and conflicts with residents’ use of recreational areas. TBMP has become fully integrated into the culture of tourism business operations in Juneau.

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