Chris AndersonWhen and how did you first become involved in the tourism industry?
I first became actively involved 20 years ago when I opened The Glacier Brewhouse. 

What tourism companies do you own or play an active role in?
I am a partner with the Glacier Brewhouse and Orso in Anchorage as well as WildFin American Grill in Issaquah, Renton and Tacoma, Washington. The partners support the local tourism businesses, hotels, B&Bs and Visit Anchorage. I ensure that my management teams have the tools and resources they need to provide our guests with an outstanding Alaska experience. The cruise industry counts on us to deliver each and every time and take care of their guests. We count on the cruise industry to provide that once in a lifetime Alaska adventure and we are happy to do our part.

How are cruise ship passengers being received in your business/industry?
The cruise industry is critical to my business. We count on their arrival in May and are sad to see the last visitors in September. All Anchorage visitors need to dine somewhere and we are honored to be a part of providing that service. Besides providing outstanding food and beverages to cruise passengers, the cruise industry feeds us. The cruise industry is a large part percent of our summer business. Those sales support our crew, their families and the Anchorage economy.

What specific improvements do you hope to see happen in the tourism industry?
The biggest improvement we can make is for the people of Alaska to understand the importance of the cruise industry. With the low oil prices, Alaskans are starting to realize the importance of the renewal industry and its potential in the future.

How was the 2015 cruise season for your business?
Great! Stronger than years before. Our business grows with the cruise business. We benefit from the cruise industry just as much as they do from us. Every time tourism has growth, we have growth. We are very grateful for the investment the cruise industry has made in Alaska. 

What effects do you expect the 2016 cruise season to have on your business/industry?
Continued growth. Build on success. 

How can Alaska businesses show their support for the cruise industry?
Ensure that every cruise guest is treated with Alaska’s famous welcoming spirit.

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