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Ship Tours

In cooperation with Princess Cruises and Holland America Line, we have already provided a number of ship tours and will continue this effort through the season.  Our main focus has been to reach out to policy makers and opinion leaders within our communities and allow them to see first-hand the impressive technology and other environmental programs onboard the ships.

With the recent passage of the wastewater legislation in Alaska, ship tours are a critical component of helping us counter some of the false information spread by industry opponents during the legislative deliberations.  It is apparent that the same opponents intend to continue targeting our supporters through the next election.  We believe by allowing our supporters to personally observe the ship technology, it reinforces our message from the legislative session and positions the policy makers to better articulate why the legislative changes were good for Alaska.

We are also conducting a number of other target tours.  We have reached out to some members of the media to provide additional background in preparation of the release of the next permit.  We have reached out to state regulators to improve their understanding of our operations.  We have also scheduled a select number of special tours in an effort to improve relations with certain elected officials.

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