Sitka, AK, Chapel of the Annunciations

Must-see stop in Sitka: Russian Bishop’s House

Built in 1843, during the “Golden Age” of Russian North America, this spacious, two-story building was home to Bishop Innocent of the Russian Orthodox Church. It was the center of Russian North America’s cultural, educational and business ventures, complete with a formal reception hall, dining room, chapel, school and seminary. Although it was a church building, the Russian American Company helped fund the house; a provision in their charter involved assisting missionary activities in Russian North America. Clearly, there was no separation between church and state in 19th-century Russia.
ATIA conference

Bill creates structure to support TID

Sen. Mia Costello (R-Anchorage) has introduced Senate Bill 110 to create the Travel Alaska Board and a tourism marketing fund, two essential elements should the industry decide to assess itself.
John Binkley clean water

Study shows industry’s leadership

A new study provides the first-ever, wide-ranging analysis by independent maritime environmental experts of the cruise industry’s environmental practices and performance.
Glacier Bay from ship balcony

Working with others

CLIA cruise line members approach environmental stewardship as a collective effort.
wien tours

HAL’s roots date back to Westours

Holland America’s history in Alaska dates back to 1947 in Fairbanks when the legendary Chuck West started Arctic Alaska Tours, later renamed Westours.
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